A personal insight into Zlatan’s everyday life: football, Manchester, and much more. Download the app for free on App Store or Google Play to follow Zlatan directly on your mobile device.

Zlatan Unplugged

This is where Zlatan communicates with his fans about football, Manchester, and much more. It is also here that Zlatan answers Unplugged Questions before and after every match. By following Unplugged, you will always be able to read what Zlatan has to say, before any other media has published it.

Zlatan Momentz

In Momentz, Zlatan posts his greatest moments, all accompanied by his own comments. It is also here you find trophies, memories and statistics from the different episodes of Zlatans career.

Zlatan Feedz

The Press review about Zlatan. Feedz brings together the latest news and information from a selection of media and platforms, collecting all that is written about Zlatan in one place.

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